The World According to AI

A sonnet for all ye players of the game of poker

Hark! Attend me, gentle folk, and hearken to my tale
Of Texas Hold’em, a game of cards that doth prevail.

First, let us set the stage for this game of chance,
Wherein two cards to each player doth commence.
Then, on the table, five cards will be laid,
And the players shall use them to form their winning grade.

But ere the game begins, a round of betting there must be,
Wherein each player may raise or call, or else fold and flee.
The aim, good sirs, is to make the highest hand,
Be it a straight, a flush, or even a royal brand.

Beware the tricks that some may play,
For bluffs and feints may lead you astray.
But if you have the skill and fortune too,
Then victory and spoils shall come to you.

And yet, do not forget the rules of fair play,
For cheating and deceit shall not have their way.
May the best hand win, and all others learn
That in Texas Hold’em, true skill doth earn.

Created with a little help from ChatGPT and Bing Chat.