The World According to AI

Harry, Ron, and Hermione play some poker

In a wizarding tavern did Harry, Ron, and Hermione
Sit down to play a game of Texas Hold’em, so it seemed.

The deck was shuffled and dealt, and each took up their hand
Ron’s was weak, seven-deuce off-suit, he hoped they’d understand.

With confidence, he raised the stakes, hoping to deceive,
But Hermione saw through his ruse, and did not believe.

She called his bluff, and soon the flop was laid out fair,
Ron’s face fell, for his hand was left with naught to spare.

Meanwhile, Harry played his cards with care and strategy,
But Hermione’s skill and luck proved quite the majesty.

The turn and river came, and Hermione’s full house was made,
Harry had to fold his hand, and Ron was in dismay.

Hermione won the game, and Ron could not believe his fate,
But Harry and Hermione knew that bluffing, in the end, was but a trait.

For in Texas Hold’em, as in life, it’s not just luck and bluff,
It takes skill, strategy, and knowledge, and that’s enough.

Created with a little help from ChatGPT.